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Hello, Friend!

March 2018

Hello, friend and fellow needer of sunlight!

Need a dose of Vitamin D? Some travel inspo? Or just a splash of saturated ocean colors to get you through? Yep! I feel you. And I’ve got your back.  

I’m a mom and an avid traveler who loves to talk about beaches, compare hotels, and critique meals, cocktails, and travel experiences. Who doesn’t, right?! 

I’m also a freelance writer and creative consultant with a background in travel magazine publishing. SunshineScout is my personal blog experiment, a place where I can choose my own topics and talk to my friends about places and things I love, from the decadent gem-size Crystal Esprit yacht, to vacationing in Maui, Malta, Cuba, and … Maui again. 

Why trust my advice? Fair question. I like your moxy! Well … I’ve worked on staff at Vogue, was the Project Director for Cosmopolitan magazine, and spent many years as the Copy and Special Sections Manager at Conde Nast Traveler magazine during my “Devil Wears Prada” years in NYC. These days, I’m a freelance copywriter and content maker specializing in travel and luxury. I’ve written hundreds of travel pieces, countless itineraries for travel companies, and a few buzzy editorial pieces along the way.

I’m also a goofy, irreverent Midwestern mom. I know I’m fortunate to be able to travel and love to dole out advice to my friends. I’m also a dog rescuer (I’ve got four including my potcake Ollie from Turks and Caicos), a chicken raiser, AND a pragmatic dairy lover.

In other words, I love luxury travel complete with frette robes and amuse bouche, but I also deep fried cheese curds. 

Click around. Find some free sunny travel inspo or pearls of Midwesternish mom wisdom. And, send me a question or comment. 



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Wailea Walking Path

Our first day of touring in steamy Havana. Photo by Sunshine Scout, but you probably figured that out.

Dogs without Make-Up! This Anguillian star was caught canoodling with the sand. Photo by Sunshine Scout.

Pink Lady on Crystal Esprit. Photo by Sunshine Scout.


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