W New York Union Square, a Hotel Haiku

Downtown And Uptown. Subways. Farmers' Market. Central. My 90s hangout. http://www.wnewyorkunionsquare.com      

The Greenwich, NYC, a Hotel Haiku

Quirky location. Hey, DeNiro and Kanye! Exclusive. Hip. Shhh.  https://www.thegreenwichhotel.com NOTE:  if you want a hotel that's near lots of landmark attractions, you're better off staying in Midtown. You see,…

The Lowell, NYC, a Hotel Haiku

Upper Eastside spot. Like we have a snazzy aunt. Refined and Restful. Goodnight. https://www.lowellhotel.com

The Quin, NYC, Hotel Haiku

Crisp, modern, pleasant. Near Bergdorf and Central Park. Ask for Street-view room! http://www.thequinhotel.com  
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Maui Now

Heading to Maui for Spring Break? Lucky you! We just returned from our fourth family vacation to Maui (our all-time favorite island) a few days ago, and rather than get my house in order, I want to share a few quick thoughts with you. (For more…

Lavish Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Is Miami Beach in your future? Let's hope so! If you haven't been recently, put this lavish midbeach property on your radar. The 169-room Faena Hotel opened last winter and I was fortunate enough to check in for an indulgent stay. From the…
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One Beautiful Day in Venice

We've all heard horror stories about Venice at the height of summer – the overwhelming crush of tourists; the fleeing Venetians; the shuttered shops; the thick, stinky canals; and the never-ending lines. I've been to Italy a few times…
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Prague Review: Modern Hotel Josef

  Hi, friend. We just returned from a stay at minimalist Hotel Josef in Prague, the city's first design hotel, and wanted to give you skinny in case you're heading to this glorious European capital. This cool, contemporary property…