Five Top-Secret PESTO Tricks!

Pesto with basil is the quintessential summer dish. By the time July rolls around, basil (the staple ingredient) is everywhere, piled sky-high on farmer’s market tables, taking over backyards, and practically tapping you on the sun-kissed shoulder, just begging to be relished and enjoyed


LA Dining: The Best Stuff I Ate Last Week

  I’m seriously smitten with Los Angeles lately, especially the food. (And don’t even get me started on Manhattan Beach. I’ll post about that surfer hangout turned foodie hub next.) For now, I want to share with you a few of the plates, bowls, pie tins, and coffee mugs that keep popping into my mind whenever […]

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Maui Now

Heading to Maui for Spring Break? Lucky you! We just returned from our fourth family vacation to Maui (our all-time favorite island) a few days ago, and rather than get my house in order, I want to share a few quick thoughts with you. (For more on Maui including luaus, see my previous Maui post.) Keep […]


Miami Wknd: Where to Eat Well

Art Basel Miami officially opens today and nothing pairs better with art appreciation than a cocktail, wine and great food, plus an ample side of people-watching, of course. Chances are you’ve got your reservations in order, but if not, here are five personality-packed spots that I featured in a post a while back.  And, don’t forget about […]